5 tips to enhance visitor experience

21 June 2017 5 minuten reading time

From the importance of image to developing a personal approach, Welcome! gives you five tips to enhance your company’s visitor experience.

1. Check your image! Do your visitors see you as you’d like to be seen?

Businesses think about their image during the start-up phase, focusing on how they want their target group to see them. Sadly, the importance of this is often forgotten over time. It’s equally  important to think about your image from the perspective of your clients. Only then can you take the right steps towards turning this vision into a reality. Dare to ask your visitors what they think of you. This can be done by sending an email after their visit asking what you could do to improve things, for example. Or find out how your visitors see your company or organisation with a professionally-designed corporate image survey.


2. Ensure you have the prerequisites for a hospitable reception

Nobody is perfect, but it’s rare that a visit proves disappointing based solely on the ‘human factor’. A host can only do his or her best: if the coffee cups are cracked or the reception area is messy, he or she will never be able to make the best possible impression. For this reason it’s important to view the process as a whole, including both people and environment. Are employees capable of doing their work properly and are the prerequisites to a good visitor experience in place?


3. Familiarise yourself with the specific needs of different clients

Even if everything’s running smoothly, you can still improve visitor experience by familiarising yourself with the needs of various guests. Suppliers, job candidates and clients all come to you with a different objective in mind, so a personal approach can be beneficial for both you and your visitor. You don’t want to have job applicants twiddling their thumbs for too long before their interview, and it can be worthwhile to have a staff member play your company’s promotional film to potential investors prior to a scheduled meeting.


4. Work together

If an optimal visitor experience is to be guaranteed, it is important that all support staff, cleaners, secretaries and catering are working together. Make sure that the whole facility is on the same page. Talk to employees, make them aware of what they need to know and motivate people to work as a team. Everyone should feel comfortable picking up a piece of paper from the floor or returning a plate to the kitchen.


5. Be aware of the before and after experience of your visitors

Before your visitors have even taken one step inside your company, they are already anticipating their visit. When their visit is over, it is very likely they will talk about their experience. Keep this in mind. You can offer directions beforehand on how to find your location, for example, and reserve a parking space for them. After the visit, it’s thoughtful to send a thank you or an invitation to a nice event.