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A warm and secure guest experience

Your business is unique. Welcome! will help you to develop a warm and safe hospitality service to match your organisation, image, and ambitions.
We provide a professional, safe, warm, and personalised hospitality service based on our knowledge and years of experience in security and hospitality.


Working method

Our working method has been tried and tested through years of experience. It is a continuous process, from taking stock to implementation and optimisation.

Working method

Start of the process

As your business is unique, we will use a Welcome! scan to analyse your business’ current hospitality. We will then discuss your objectives and resources. With the resulting information, we will explore the possibilities for improving the combination of guest experience and security – entirely consistent with your image and business culture.

Customer journey

During implementation, we will take into account reception, stay, and departure. This entire process involves numerous individual contact moments. Welcome! will ensure that these are all arranged down to the last detail and match the image you wish to exude. This will make your guests feel good about your company from start to finish.


The world around you is changing and so is your business. This is why, after implementation, we will continuously monitor and adjust your hospitality services. This means that your guests’ visitor experience will be right up-to-date.

A hospitable reception for guests

To create a truly memorable experience, Welcome! will identify every possible contact moment between you and your visitor. Each moment is important and allows you to make the difference.

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Christel Maria

‘You can't have a good day with a bad attitude and you can have a bad day with a good attitude’’


‘Make a smile your signature accessory’


‘Giving a smile feels good, getting one feels better’


‘Attitudes are contagious, make yours worth catching’’


‘A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear’


‘Your smile is our Welcome’


‘Alles wat aandacht krijgt, groeit.’


‘Als je doet wat je deed, krijg je wat je kreeg.’


‘Hospitality is a state of mind’


‘You want things to change, be the change you want to see’

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