A visitor experience tailored to you.
Every business is different. Not just in size, staff numbers, and business activities, but in particular in terms of business culture and identity. How do you want to present your business?


Welcome! will enhance your image by capitalising on this. The essence of Welcome! is all about emphasising the right feeling and leaving your visitors with the right impression.

Taken from “Working method” on our homepage

Our working method has been tried and tested through years of experience. It is a continuous process, from taking stock to implementation and optimisation.

Start of the process

As every business is unique, we always start with a Welcome! scan of your current hospitality.

The Welcome! scan objectively maps out the visitor experience at your organisation. The scan makes detailed measurements of all contacts and services from receiving visitors until their departure. What is done well? And what can be improved? Large or small, there are often issues that you no longer notice but can be essential for optimising the customer experience in your business.

We then discuss your objectives and resources with you. With that information, we will explore the possibilities for improving the combination of guest experience and security – entirely consistent with your image and business culture.

Customer journey

Based on the analysis, formulated wishes, and objectives, you will receive recommendations for optimising the visitor experience in your company. The entire process from reception and stay to departure includes numerous contact moments (LINK to It’s in the details).

Of course, we will also support you in the actual realisation. Our project leaders take co-responsibility for the entire implementation of all points for improvement. If this involves a whole process of change, Welcome! will also do the planning, provide advice, training, and support for all your hospitality and security services.

Welcome! will arrange all contact moments down to the last detail, matching the image you wish to exude. This will give your guests a good feeling about your business from start to finish.


The world around you is changing and so is your business. This is why, after implementation, we will continuously monitor and adjust your hospitality services, both concerning a warm welcome and the desired level of security. This means that your guests’ visitor experience will be right up-to-date.