Tailored services

Every business is different. Not just in size, staff numbers, or business activities, but in particular in terms of business culture and identity. How do you want to present your business?


Warm reception with a trained eye for safety.

Representative and experienced hosts with an eye for security will ensure a professional reception. It goes without saying that they suit your organisation.
Depending on your objectives, culture, and identity, Welcome! offers tailored hospitality solutions. Each one is a unique combination of people, processes, and technology.

Security Hosts

Multilingual security hosts combine a background in hospitality with security officer training. They combine the best of two worlds: hospitality and security.

Visitors and customers, but also suppliers and staff only really feel involved in a company when they sense that they are approached in a personal and safe manner.

Virtual Reception

Even in the realm of customer reception, there are growing digital possibilities for organising your reception services cost-effectively. Our virtual reception allows you to provide a safe visitor experience that is also very welcoming.


Welcome! trains your staff, provides replacements, or can even take over the entire hospitality flow. Because a safe welcome is more than just about people, it is also about processes and technology.
Welcome! helps you to create the right combination of customer-friendliness and safety precautions.

Hospitality Training

Custom-made training to coach individuals or teams working at your business and to raise your hospitality to a higher level. So that your visitors receive a warm and safe welcome.

Under management

Welcome! takes over a number of practical concerns from your staff, so that they can provide your visitors with a unique visitor experience.

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